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    Mazdek is a global leader in delivering exceptional 3D interior visualization services for architects, designers, real estate professionals and property developers from all over the world. We have vast experience in interior rendering and work with a diverse range of residential and commercial properties.

    Mazdek  provides top quality 3d interior visualization services for clients who are based in every corner the world. We stress on specific needs by offering design services for a wide range of clients-ranging from home owners to commercial space owners. We make use of the latest tools and technology (3ds max and Vray) to give you the desired quality.


    Our teams are well equipped to handle all bulk orders on all building projects for our clients. We focus on quality and timely delivery with innovative 3D design models to meet your requirements. Our services are based on your needs and at the same time adhering with the standards and norms of the industry.


    Our 3D interior design and visualization services offers you the following advantages:


    • Realistic presentations of your project plan.
    • Clear understanding of your project in full details so as to eliminate errors at the very outset.
    • Maximum usage of all available resources.
    • Cost estimations and saving.
    • Better analyzing of interior designs and scheduling.
    • Analysis of weak points in the interior design or project scheme
    • Clear understanding of all the aspects of your interior design as regards to the texture and lighting conditions.


    Interior visualization is an advisable but not an obligatory stage of interior design. It can be executed in two programs: 3D MAX and Sketch Up Pro.


    A photo realistic image of the main rooms essential for interior stylistics allows examine the future interior at the stage of its design, bring some modifications in the drawings, and even change some interior details. It is making so the Client could “look into” the future and see the furniture arrangement, preliminarily selected finishing materials and other interior decoration and be sure that all interior solutions made earlier were right.


    Interior visualization allows the Client to save money, avoid expensive alterations, and assess how stylish and harmonious the future interior will be.


    Cost of project visualization depends on its complexity. For example, the interiors made in such styles as RococoBaroqueGothic and RomanClassic style, etc., with a lot of unique decorative elements, florid stucco molding patterns, small details, individually developed furniture, an interior decoration, and accessories, require extra time for execution of each additional product. That is why visualization of office premises or premises in Minimalism style is more often cheaper.


    Our designers are highly skilled experts. Visualization is made according to the preliminarily prepared drawings and also selected finishing materials, furniture, accessories, etc. The Customer is to see the house of his dream in a short period of time. Your dream begins with the IMAGE!


    The list of necessary information for project visualization:


    • A total layout with all dimensions
    • Elevation of walls in the rooms, which will be reproduce in a photo realistic image
    • Sections of complex structures if that kind of structures are in the project
    • Addendum to each room elevation (description and list of finishing materials used in the project, the enclosed color range, textures, etc.)
    • The plan with furniture arrangement with specified dimensions, SKUs, textiles, textures, type of used material, etc. (reference to the furniture manufacturer website is preferable)
    • The plan of arrangement of lamps with specified types of lamps, SKU, trademark, type of used lighting, a photo of lamps (reference to the light manufacturer website is also preferable)
    • The floor plan with material samples and references to the manufacturer website
    • Drawings of kitchen furniture with equipment installed and references to websites of manufacturers both of furniture and kitchen equipment
    • Sketches of curtains with fabric samples
    • The Client’s choice on type of visualization with natural or artificial lighting
    • The view angle on visualization is specified beforehand.


    All photographic images are not the handiwork of a photographer. You can as well create realistic and colorful landscapes without a camera, paints or brushes!


    Architectural visualization is the computer graphic representation of the interior or exterior of a building project that showcases all its distinctive features. This means that all the characteristics of a proposed building with its aesthetic value will be graphically presented by using the relevant computer programs.


    Architectural visualization is very important in architecture, advertising and other creative fields where architectural objects such as 3D modeling and 3D graphics very important. Some of the computer programs used are 3ds max, AutoCAD, Cinema 4D, V-Ray, Archicad and others whose principle of operation is rendering.


    Rendering is the perspective drawing of an architect’s design such as computer models of objects, static raster or vector images into 3D rendered animation or 3D 360 panorama. To get the best result, it is very important for a visualizer to create a competent architectural form.


    With the aid of architectural visualization, you can effectively present your project with full images of the construction and designs. Depending on your intended result, these images may involve other specialists such as a visualizer, 3D- animator, designer, expert in composition, art director, project manager etc. The work of these professionals directly affects the quality of proposed project.


    One of the most important and comprehensive industry in architectural rendering is interior design. This is all about the details of your interior plan such as the color of walls, wallpapers, kitchen or living room. A 3D visualization of the interior will help you move the furniture around in the apartment easily and gives you a feel of what your project will look like.


    Architectural visualization inspires new graphic solutions and it provides you with the most realistic option for your building projects. With it, you can create a competent architectural form that is in compliance with artistic composition and proper feeding of large and small construction elements which will give you a clear study of all the smallest details.




    In today’s world, 3D technology is an integral part of our life as it cut across every industry. Industries such as construction, medicine, entertainment and culture, internet, cosmetology, advertising and others extensively make use of 3D graphics.


    The aim of modern technology is to preserve all other art forms from the past, present and future. The use of 3D computer modeling, graphics, animation, and 3D visualization will harness our creative process by reducing all forms of physical efforts and at the same time increasing our proficiency.


    Modern technology is as a result of our needs to simplify complex subjects and the perception of complicated bundles and elements. With this, we become more visual by expressing our ideas physically and verbally.


    3D rendering is very useful in architecture and construction, design and advertising, tourism and real estate. Technical feasibility of 3D architectural rendering are often used in these fields to visually showcase a proposed project to clients and investors. This makes it easier for everyone to see the beauty of a proposed project as real pictures of architectural designs are presented.


    Science has proved that 90% of information is retained in our memory. This research simply makes 3D rendering and visualization a technology that will stay with us for a very long time. 3D visualization helps us to interact with virtual objects.


    For example, digital photos of cities may be readjusted so that you will be in control of the effect and illusion of the rendered object. With this, the clients and investors will be able to modify the dynamics of a building project such as lighting, colors, wallpapers, furniture etc.


    It is important to know that virtual reality is an extension of our world which makes interaction possible on both sides using special 3D visual effects.




    Even as new technology continues to change how people are reached and want to be reached, our expertise and experience across all media allows for seamless integration of your message. Mazdek will align your strategy, budget and audience into a unified campaign that delivers intentional results.

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